1 、个人照片 Personal photograph

2 、名家题字 启 功 Expert a word Qi gong

3 、名家题字 马英九 Expert a word Ma yingjiu

4 、名家题字 刘海粟 Expert a word Liu haisu

5 、名家题字 关山月 Expert a word Guan shanyue

6 、名家题字 董寿平 Expert a word Dong shouping

7 、名家题字 周巍峙 Expert a word Zhou weizhi

8 、名家题字 沈 鹏 Expert a word Shen peng


10、丹青梅花铸精神 郭永文 Painting of Plum Blossom Expresses National Soul Guo Yongwen

11 、冰魂浩态古今颂 Ode to the Past and Present with Icy Soul and Bright Posture

12 、飞雪迎春到 Flying Snow Welcomes Spring

13 、国香赞 Commending the National Fragrance

14 、春韵 Spring Rhyme

15 、醉写春秋笔带香 Drinking-painting by Style of Writing in Which Sublime Words with Deep Meaning with Brush with Fragrance

16 、凌空铁梅、一笑暖千家 Iron Plum Blossom, Being High up in the Sky, and a Laugh Warms Thousands of Householders.

17 、月光梅 Moonlight Plum Blossom

18 、春潮 Spring Tide

19 、婀娜之气 Graceful Temperament

20 、香溢环宇 Fragrance Overflows the Whole World

21 、春满神州 China is Full of Splendor of Spring

22 、铁青凝香 Lividity Coagulates Fragrance

23 、年年春会勤 Spring is Industrious Year after Year

24 、晴翠 Sunny Jade Green

25 、南国春深 Late Spring in Southland

26 、幽香铁骨铸国魂 Faint Fragrance and Iron Bone Founds National Soul

27 、小鸡柳 Small Chicken Willow

28 、铁骨生春 Iron Bone Produces Spring

29 、红梅赞 Praising the Red Plum Blossom

30 、不要人读颜色好,只留清气满乾坤 Need not for People to Read the Fine Color, Nothing but to Leave the Universe being Full of Clear Temperament

31 、乾坤万里春 The Universe is of Ten Thousand Li Spring

32 、春铁铸干玉戴花 Spring Iron Founds Trunk and Jade Wears Flowers

33 、一夜春风醉彩霞 A Night Spring Breeze Drinks Rosy Clouds

34 、屹立千秋 Standing Towering a Thousand Years

35 、绿蔓横波醉彩霞 Green Tendrils and Transverse Wave Drinks Rosy Clouds

36 、战胜风霜骨更坚 Surmounting Wind and Frost, Bone is even more Solid

37 、春光照尔霞 Spring Scenery Shines Early Morning Glow

38 、悄也不争春 Being Silent, but not Striving for Spring

39 、香雪海 Fragrant Snow Sea

40 、春酣 Spring with Ease and Verve

41 、只留清气在丛中 Merely Leaving Clear Temperament in Cluster

42 、春意情浓 The Awaken of Spring and Dense Feeling

43 、寿者相 Looks of The God of Longevity

44 、香溢环宇 Fragrance Overflows the World

45 、一身筋骨一身铁 Bones and Muscles all over the Body and Iron all over the Body

46 、岁月之痕 The Years' Trace

47 、严冬消尽春来早 Severe Winter Disappears and Spring Comes Early

48 、绿梅铮铮傲霜雪 Green Plum Blossom Clanks to Brave Frost and Snow

49 、春光 Spring Scenery

50 、愿借天风传春讯 Hoping to Borrow the Sky Wind to Send Spring Message

51 、迎风传文雪花屹立 Aweather Passing Writing and Snowflake Standing Towering

52 、春之声 Spring's Voice

53 、醉春浮罗 Drinking Spring Floats Display

54 、春归大地 Spring Returns to the Good Earth

55 、梅花春洒图 Plum Blossom is Free and Easy in Spring

56 、树立风雪 Trees Stand in Wind and Snow

57 、火红不尽寒春来 Red as Fire Isn't to the Greatest Extent and the Cold Spring Has Come.

58 、春夏秋冬 Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter

59 、战胜风霜骨更坚 Surmounting the Wind and Frost, the Bone Is even more Solid

60 、寒凝大地发春华 The Cold Coagulates the Earth and Produces Glorious Flowers in Spring

61 、红梅颂 Ode to Red Plum Blossom

62 、冬韵 Winter Rhyme

63 、严冬过尽纵春雪 Severe Winter Is Over and Releases Spring Snow

64 、春的韵律 Spring's Rhythm

65 、国香颂 Ode to National Fragrance

66 、梅花洒图 Plum Blossom is Free and Easy

67 、银装 Silvery Dress

68 、报春 Reporting Spring

69 、香溢环宇,雀耀春晖 Fragrance Overflows the World, and Sparrows Dazzle Spring Sunshine

70 、天涯春消息 Spring Message around the Skyline

71 、春光无限 Spring Scenery Is Infinite

72 、春信 Spring Message

73 、芳溢环宇清声人间 Fragrance Overflows the World, and Freshness Sounds around the World

74 、早春 Early Spring

75 、岭上红梅映日红 Red Plum Blossom on Mountain Shines Red Sun

76 、玉艳万青 Jade Beauty Is Evergreen

77 、春潮 Spring Tide

78 、冰魂皓态古今颂 Ode to the Past and Present with Icy Soul and Bright Posture

79 、春消息 Spring Message

80 、春妍 Spring Beauty

81 、冬韵 Winter Rhyme

82 、春花烂漫 Spring Flowers in Full Bloom

83 、寒冬的对歌 Cold Winter's Singing in Antiphonal Style

84 、怒放的季节 Season is Blooming in Profusion

85 、月下美人 Beauty below the Moon

86 、梅花欢喜漫天雪 Plum Blossom Joys Snow all over the Sky

87 、国香 National Fragrance

88 、大地发春华 The Earth Produces Glorious Flowers in Spring

89 、历尽冰霜百练身 Experiencing in Full Ice and Frost, the Body is Tempered Thoroughly

90 、素艳雪凝树 White Snow Coagulates Trees

91 、东风着意百花开 East Wind Acts Carefully, and Hundreds of Flowers Are Blooming

92 、清如许 Freshness is so

93 、梅花声蓄几春秋 Plum Blossom Sound Is Stored up for a Few Years

94 、寿相 Looks of The God of Longevity

95 、岭上浮香瑞气融 Fragrance Floats on Mountain and Lucky Atmosphere is in Harmony

96 、春韵 Spring Rhyme

97 、美德春风香四海 Virtue Spring Breeze is Fragrant all over the World

98 、暗香裘袖 Darkly Sweet Scent and Fur Sleeve

99 、报晓 Heralding the Break of a Day

100 、春归大地 Spring Returns to the Good Earth

101 、洁心傲骨 Clean Heart and Unyielding Character

102 、占尽春光 Accounting for in Full Spring Scenery

103 、嫣红朵朵伴情浓,无限生机在此根 Bright Red Flowers Accompanies Thick Affection, and Infinite Vital Force In Rooted Hereon

104 、迎春曲 Music to Meet Spring

105 、铁骨献暖心 Iron Bone Dedicates Warm Mind

106 、伍色梅 Five Colors Plum Blossom

107 、芳溢环宇,清声人间 Fragrance Overflows the World, and Freshness Sounds around the World

108 、铁干虬枝占风情 Iron Trunk and Curly Branches Occupies Amorous Feelings

109 、关山第一枝 First Branches at the Gate and Mountain

110 、神州点燃梅花香 China Ignites the Plum blossom Fragrance

111 、香雪撒河山 Fragrant Snow Scatters on the Land

112 、晴雪 Fine Snow

113 、春阳艳 Spring Sun is Gorgeous

114 、铁骨玉姿 Iron Bone and Jade Appearence

115 、墨梅 Black Plum Blossom

116 、署梅吐艳 White Plum Blossom Spits Beauty

117 、满月冷挂珊瑚枝 Plenilune Hangs Coldly Coral Branches

118 、严寒香溢 Chilliness Fragrance Overflows

119 、双清 Double Freshness

120 、寒香图、国香、铁骨春 Cold Fragrance Picture, National Fragrance, Iron Bone Spring

121 、冷月美人 Beauty of Cold Mooon

122 、人间春情 Spring Affection all over the World

123 、铁骨发新枝 Iron Bone Produces New Branches

124 、怒放 Plum Blossom is Blooming in Profusion

125 、冰魂舞 Icy Soul Dance

126 、瑞雪迎春 Auspicious Snow Welcomes Spring

127 、深心托豪情,努力爱春华 Deep Mind Supports Lofty Sentiments, and Try Hard to Love Glorious Flowers in Spring

128 、绿梅铮骨傲霜雪 Green Plum Blossom and Glossy Bone are Proud at Frost and Snow

129 、天姿独色 Surpassing Beauty and Unique Color

130 、春在枝头已十分 Spring on Branches is Full

131 、梅开五福,年年余 Plum Blossom Opens Five Fortunes and Every Year Has a Surplus

132 、暗香疏影 万玉争辉 Darkly Sweet Scant and Sparse Branch Ten Thousand of Jades Vie for Brightness

133 、婀娜多姿 Graceful and Varied in Postures

134 、欲绽香英 Wish to Burst Fragrant Hero

135 、夜半梅花入梦香 Midnight Plum Blossom Dreams Fragrance

136 、千秋风韵尽堪传 Charm throughout the Ages is Handed down

137 、绿萼蔓横波醉彩霞 Green Calyxes and Tendril Transverse Wave Drinks Rosy Clouds

138 、凌空舒铁梅 Iron Plum Blossom Stretches in Being High up in the Air

139 、铁骨丹心 Iron Bone and Loyal Heart

140 、生命不息 Life Does not Cease

141 、送春归 Seeing Spring Return

142 、香溢寰宇 Fragrance Overflows the World

143 、傲因风雪得,香自苦寒来 Pride is Gained due to Wind and Snow, and Fragrance Comes from the Bitter Cold

144 、宝剑锋从磨砺出,梅花香自苦寒来 Sharp Edge of a Sword Comes out from Grinding, and Plum Blossom's Fragrance Comes from the Bitter Cold

145 、从来多古意,可以赋新诗 There Are always Ancient Meaning, and New Poetry Can Be Written

146 、独傲秋霜,同沾春露 Being Alone Proud at Autumn Frost, Together Moisten Spring Dew

147 、陋室铭 Inscription to the Humble Room

148 、刘向说苑 Liu Xiang Saying Garden

149 、梅开五福,香溢寰宇 Plum Blossom Opens Five Fortunes, and Fragrance Overflows the World

150 、风霜练精神,妙笔绘香雪 Wind and Frost Drills Spirit, and Clever Brush Paints Fragrant Snow

151 、醉写寒冬凝寒香,此处评花四海空 Drunk-Writing the Cold Winter and Coagulating the Cold Fragrance, and Commenting herein Flowers for Nothing all over the World

152 、三国演义开篇词《临江仙》 Introductory Words to The Three Kingdoms' Historical Novel 《 River Shoreface Immortal

153 、白香山诗一首 One Poetry of White Xiangshan Mountain

154 、祥云和风,好雨瑞雪 Lucky Clouds and Moderate Breeze, Fine Rain and Auspicious Snow

155 、梅柳渡江春,云霞出海曙 Plum Willow Crosses River Spring, and Rosy Clouds Produces Sea Dawn

156 、陶冶性灵,变化气质 Nurturing Character and Soul, to Change Temprament

157 、唐诗 华裾织翠青葱 Poetry of the Tang Dynasty The Full Front and Back Twine Jade green Scallion

158 、苏轼 念奴矫一首 Su Shi One Ci Nian Nu Jiao

159 、会当凌绝顶,一览众山小 Gathering to Approach the Tiptop, Generally Viewing that the Crowd of Mountains Are Small

160 、霜毫总写波涛赋,素练长引壮士歌 Frost Writing Brush Writes always the Wave Odes, and Usually Training Often Cites Hero Song

161 、江山丽词赋,冰雪净聪明 The Land Makes Ci and Ode Beautiful, and Ice and Snow Cleans Cleverness

162 、梅花炎黄瞻,山河华夏魂 Plum Blossom is the Yellow Emperor's Looking up, and the Land of Country – Huaxia's Soul

163 、周恩来诗一首 One Poetry of Zhou Enlai

164 、古刘长卿诗弹琴 Playing Qin of the Ancient Poetry of Liu Changqing

165 、董必武行舟诗一首 One Poetry of Traveling Boat of Dong Biwu

166 、江山犹润色,壮志凌云霄 The Landscape still Embellishes, and Lofty Ideal Reaches the Sky

167 、词赋动阳春,健融偏湖海 Ci and Ode Moves Spring, and Healthy Harmony Spreads all over the lake and Sea

168 、几身修得到梅花,妙笔绘成香雪海 Cultivating and Gaining Plum Blossom, Clever Writing Brush Paints the Fragrant Snow Sea

169 、我爱梅花,更爱中华 I Love Plum Blossom, but even more Love China

170 、祥云和风,海纳百川,岁月流韵 Lucky Cloud and Moderate Breeze, Sea Accepts all Kind of Rivers, and Yeas Flows Charm

171 、真谛 Essence

172 、新松恨不高千尺,恶竹应须斩万竿 New Pine Hates not Being High to Thousand of Chi, and Bad Bamboo Shall Cut Ten Thousand of Poles

173 、与有肝胆人共事,从无字句处读书 Working together with People with Courage, and Read Book From Place without Word and Phrase

174 、三国演义开篇词(行草) Introductory Words to The Three Kingdoms' Historical Novel (Running Hand, Grass Writing)

175 、梅花诗一首(行草) One Poetry of Plum Blossom (Running Hand, Grass Writing)

176 、叶家铮文章 中英文 Article of Ye Jiazheng (in Chinese and English)

177 、侨报文章,梅圣 中英文 Article on the Overseas Chinese News, The Plum Blossom Saint (in Chinese and English)

178 、名人合影 Group Photo of Celebrities

179 、世界艺术之旅 Artistic Journey around the World

180 、世界艺术之旅 Artistic Journey around the World

181 、重要活动照片 Photos of Important Activities

182 、权威代表性证书 Authorized Representative Certificates

183 、报刊剪辑 Clips of News and Periodicals  

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