Mr. Faxiang Zheng, styled himself Yunling, assumed name Meidaoren (the Plum Blossom doctrine fellow), research fellow, native place Fuzhou City (ancestral home Changle City, Fuzhou Province), being a contemporary Chinese nationals residing in USA, famous artist, held more than 30 times individual large-scale art exhibits in various places all over the world such as in Washington, New York, London, Paris, Moscow, Beijing, Tokyo, Singapore, Bangkok, Taipei and etc. Mr. Zheng is now secretary-general of The World Arts Federation, board chairman of The Huan Qiu (Whole World) Publication Group (USA), visiting professor with New York Manhattan University, Washington Southeast University and Japanese Saku Mountain Academy of Classical Learning, senior advisor of Hong Kong (Overseas) Literateurs & Artists Association, dean of Beijing You Zhou Art Academy, art majordomo of China Hanlin Academy, honor president of Changle Faxiang Education Foundation, director of US-Sino Talents Association and honor director of China Artists Association.

Mr. Zheng’s works have honorably won silver prize on the World Art Expo, New York, USA, especially excellent prize on European Oriental Art Grand Contest, top grade prize on China National Plum Blossom Art Grand Contest, and gold prize on Chinese Grand United Exhibition of Poetry, Painting and calligraphy of “Ode to the Plum Blossom ”. Washington TV, US Chinese TV, Singapore TV, Thailand TV, Nippon TV, and Columns such as “China News”, “China Today”, “Homeland Places” and etc. on CCTV, have ever broadcasted Mr. Zheng’s Character Special Topics. More than 300 newspapers and periodicals such as The Reader’s Digest (USA), The World Daily, The Star Island Daily, The Overseas Chinese News, The Ming News, The People’s Daily, Guangming Daily, China Culture News, Literature News, China Art News, Art News, Chinese Talents, China Age, China’s Friends, the Cross-Century Talents and etc., as well as Central People’s Broadcasting Station, China International Broadcasting Station, China Broadcasting Network and etc. all have particularly reported Mr. Zheng’s art-shaping road. Mr. Zheng was awarded by Chinese Patriotic Project League a honor title of “the Outstanding Patriotic Personage”.

Mr. Zheng’s representative works are:

“Winter Rhyme” – Plum Blossom is human spirit and power (treasured up in U.N. Mansion) (New York)
“Plum Blossom’s Rhyme”—treasured up on Washington TV (Washington)
“Red Plum Blossom Reports Spring” – treasured up in China Embassy to Washington (Washington)
“Ode to the Icy Soul ”—treasured up in China Embassy to the U.K. (London)
“Red and Green Plum Blossom Founds the National Soul ”—treasured up in New York Consulate General (New York)
“Iron Plum Blossom warms Thousands of Households”—treasured up in New York China Mansion (New York)
“Ode to the Past and Present with Icy Soul and Bright Posture” – treasured up in China National Cultural Relics Administration (Beijing)
“Commending the National Fragrance” – treasured up on Tiananmen Gate Tower (Beijing)
“Spring Rhyme” “Clear Snow” – treasured up in the Great Hall of the People (Beijing)
“Spring overflows the World” – treasured up in Zhongnanhai (Beijing)
“Spring & Winter Rhyme”—treasured up in Diao Yu Tai State Guesthouse (Beijing)
“The Flying Snow welcomes Spring” “Plum Blossom Enjoys Snow all over the Sky”—treasured up in The Chairman Mao Memorial Hall (Beijing)
“Plum Blossom” “White Plum Blossom” – treasured up in China Art Gallery (Beijing)
“Ode to the National Fragrance” – treasured up in China National Cultural Network (Beijing)
“Commending the Red Plum Blossom” “Looks of The God of Longevity”—treasured up in the Chinese People’s Revolution Military Museum (Beijing)
“Southland Late Spring” “The Whole World as One Community, and the Ideal is Handed down to a thousand years”—treasured up in the Central Committee Headquarter of China KMT (Taipei)
“Strong and Pervasive Fragrance Soaks the Moonlight”—treasured up in China Nationalities Museum (Beijing)

Zheng Faxiang main published bibliography:

“Zheng Faxiang Plum Blossom Painting & Calligraphy Collection ”, published by the People’s Arts Publishing House
“Zheng Faxiang Paintings Collection” – published by China Pictorial Publishing House
“Contemporary Artist – Zheng Faxiang” – published by Hua Yun Publishing House
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“Zheng Faxiang Plum Blossom Painting & Calligraphy Volume”—published by Huan Qiu (The Whole World) Publishing House.

Important auction records of Zheng Faxiang’s works:

In 2004, New York, USA, single piece of Plum Blossom Picture - $128600, size - 1100×3960mm
In May, 2005, China Zhengzhou Springtime Auction Meeting, single piece of Plum Blossom Picture - ¥650000, size - 1100×3960mm
In 2003, Shenzhen, China, single piece of Plum Blossom Picture - ¥340000, size - 1100×2640mm
In 2005, China Zhengzhou Autumn Auction Meeting, single piece of Plum Blossom Picture - ¥120000, size - 680×1360mm
In 1998, Bangkok, Thailand, single piece of Pine & Crane Picture – B 288000, size - 1330×1980mm.

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